Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blog Post 3 - Goal Setting

Blog Post 3 - Goal Setting Assignment

    After the time management class by Ms. Terrell, she asked for our class to settle goals by the challenges you face with your own time management. I made two goals and they were to finish any major assignment two days before the due date and to not procrastinate on my homework or study time. For my first goal, I tried to follow one of Ms. Terrell’s techniques which were to take note of assignments on a to-do list. I never liked to-do lists because they seem really a childish idea, but I tried to turn that in one habit. It lasted one day and I did not do any more of those lists, because I am really lazy to take note on almost everything we had for assignments and I memorize when I have things due and if I forget, I check Edmodo every day. Even without the list I actually finished major assignments two days before their due date, for exception of the simple and easy ones that I would do one day before. To improve my behavior towards this goal I must follow what I told myself and finish even the easiest assignments two days before the turn-in date. My second goal was a bit tricky to beat, procrastination is something that I do not occur to do much, but when I do I get mad at myself for wasting my own time. As I said the lists were not going to help, so I had to figure what to do. Homework can sometimes be extremely tedious and I just keep wasting the time I could use for it by watching YouTube videos. To beat it I just had to put in mind that if I had all the time I wanted after I finished my homework and studies, unfortunately for the most of the times I ignored myself and procrastinated. So I want to improve on this go and try to minimize procrastination as much as possible. 

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