Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fourth Assignment - Elections

   The USA elections put always a show for their own citizens and the countries that rely on the result, as we all expected, the 2012 elections did the same thing and its outcome was more four years for Barry Obama. I should state first, that as a Brazilian, I did not know much about the electoral college votes, but I have understood how it works after the three weeks we discussed the elections in class. To start I am not surprised that Obama won the elections, but I am surprised how it was not a close victory. I thought Obama would get 280 electoral votes while Romney would get 260, but the president won with 332 against 206. All the research showed how close, in terms of popularity, both of the candidates were and then on the election day this happens. For me, his re-election means his past projects will continue and his efforts to create more jobs will also continue, but I don´t think there will be many new changes in the following four years. My opinion is that because there is some much to recover from the 2008 depression and now there are more problems because of the Middle East conflicts and the European crisis. The Obama government is already occupied with these topics, so there is not much room for innovation. Now for the world, in my opinion the other countries will continue their actions because for them, nothing has really changed with Obama continuing on power. During the elections I found this video regarding the fight between both candidates, I love the ending (sorry, but there is foul language on the video). 

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