Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blog Post - Resoponse to the Seattle Boycott Article

     Last week, one my teachers showed to our class an article that talked about the ongoing boycott in a school of Seattle. Garfield High School has boycotted the MAP standardized test, but what surprised me the most in this event was that every teacher of Garfield supported the boycotted. To my understanding, these MAP tests are forcing the teachers to teach their students the answers to these tests, while the students lose their creativity, they do not learn anything from the subjects.


   This is the definition of the verb teach that I have got from dictionary.comto impart knowledge or skill to; give instruction to. It clearly states that it is the act of give your knowledge or skill to others and instruction them through their learning. My point is that with the standardized tests, students will only receive instruction of how to go well in the tests and no knowledge will be received, which makes the meaning of teaching obsolete.

    In my school we do have the MAP test, but it works different than in the other schools. Let me explain something first, here all teachers make their own test, quizes, and assignments to grade the students. The MAP test we take does not inffluence our grade at all, when we asked our teachers about it, they said it was test that would show how well we are doing in specific subjects. We take these tests once every quarter and there are four tests: a Math test, a Science test, a English Language test, and a English Literature test. I really dislike these tests, because for most of them they ask question about content that we don't even know about. Plus these tests, from my point of view, are a huge waste of time. I support the teachers at Garfield that are trying to get rid of the MAP tests so they can finally truly teach their students.

Seattle Boycott Article:

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